FO: Denim socks and Newborn Purple Hats for charity

I have yet another pair of socks for womens shelter. Very simple, the same Briggs and Little Tuffy yarn, 80% wool, 20% nylon.

Did I show you these hats? (I started a new group and a website for this little charity project so it seems like I did post them all over the Internet. ETA: no, I didn’t. Checked all my threads). They are also for charity for the Period of Purple Crying program at our local childrens hospital.

Those are beautiful, Olha! I love the colors and they came out great!

Truly beautiful donations. I love the colors and the obvious care that went into both projects.

These are lovely! Those socks look perfect, and the hats are so cute!

Thanks! The idea is to scale it up a bit by involving different groups of knitters but it’s too early to say if it’s going to work.

With your permission, I will post a link to the website when I upload more projects and patterns there. I actually started writing things down and it’s exhausting :slight_smile:

Olha, isn’t it against the rules at your house to stand on the furniture??? :rofl: :rofl: They are great looking socks and will be loved by some lucky lady. The stocking caps are lovely too! I am a purple lover.

Very, very nice Olha! :heart:

You are so creative, thoughtful, and generous. Typical of your work, they are absolutely fantastic!
Are any of your young’uns knitting yet?
:wink: :stuck_out_tongue:

Why, yes. That’s why these feet are actually lying peacefully on the library couch :slight_smile: I had to flip the photo and confuse you a bit. Otherwise I would have to explain what I was doing upside down :slight_smile:

I’m envious of the socks. They look so nicely knit… you can hardly even see the gusset. They look wonderful!


Great work!