FO: Deep V Argyle Vest

I don’t think I’ve posted a FO here before, so thought I’d start!

I loved knitting this vest. The pattern was well written and easy to follow. This was my first big colorwork project, and it leaves me wanting to do more!

Pattern: Eunny Jang’s Deep V Argyle Vest

Yarn: Jaeger Merino DK, 3 skeins gray, 3 skeins red

I ran out of the main color yarn for the neck ribbing, so I used the contrasting color.

I don’t love the fit as much as I loved knitting this, but I will wear it. I probably should have knit a size larger.

Comments/criticism welcome and appreciated!

Great job!! :cheering: And I think it looks nice on you too – you’ve got an hourglass figure – and if you’ve got it, flaunt it, I say :wink:

It is just gorgeous!

I love that vest, it looks so nice on you! That would look awesome with a button down shirt underneath.

Thanks for the nice comments! I definitely plan to get a button down shirt to go with this, probably white. I tried it on with a gray one that I have, and it didn’t look right. I’m holding out on the shirt so I can wear it too.

It’s beautiful! I’m so impressed with your colorwork. The fit is great – very flattering.

That looks wonderful!! :happydance:

Your colorwork is stunning! And the vest fits so well :thumbsup:! I think it’s just the right size:heart:

It looks great on you the fit is perfect.x

Nicely done, PugMom. The colors are a very classic combo and it fits you well.


:passedout: You’re the bomb. Fabulous!

OMG ! What i would do for a figure like that!! and to wear a sweater to show it off!! YOU GO GURL!!!:yay::thumbsup:

oooooohhhh i’m so jealous i’ve been eyeing that vest for a while but i am DEFINETLY not ready to tackle it yet! great job!!! it looks beautiful!!! :inlove::inlove::inlove::inlove::inlove:

OMIGOD!! TO DIE FOR!!! YOU LOOK SO HOT IN IT!! I HAVE to knit that. where did you buy that pattern?

It’s a great pattern - very well written. You can buy it here:

Thanks for all of the lovely comments!

I just bought the pattern and it is now on my to-do list!!

Great vest and greatest shape!!!:mrgreen:

That is one stunning sweater! FWIW I think the fit is perfect. Everything else certainly is!

What a gorgeous sweater! How hard was it to knit? what “level” do you think it is? It really looks great on you!