FO: Deathflake #2!

So my partner was so in love with the pattern he asked for a black and “lime” green deathflake. I told him I had a better idea that he would love … and I did! Not that I’m against lime green, but I new that if I used Mochi Plus it would look super sweet… so here it is! :o)

(My camera is terrible at color pictures… unless I take them outside… so maybe tomorrow)

Wow! Those colors are GREAT!!! I just love it. I’m sure your partner loves it as well :inlove:

I must admit; the pattern’s pretty damn cool.

Awesome! I love the colors. I’m excited to try this pattern for my fiance’s new hat! :woot:

Cool - I think you made the right choice! :thumbsup:

Oh yes, much better than lime/black! I love the use of a variegated yarn with a solid! Very dramatic! Great hat!!!

That’s very cool!

Love it! You knit such wonderful items!

That is a great hat…makes me what to learn the two color thing:inlove:

Wow! Just a show stopper!

Love it!! :slight_smile:

Awesome! I bet your partner loves it. I like the subtle color changes and it just really works.

Wow it is “super sweet” very nice job… Sorry…I missed the pat:hug: where can I find it? As I’ll take on this…I looove hats:cheering:

Here’s a link to the chart I used:

There’s no real pattern, but for this one I cast on 95 stitches, did 3x2 rib for a bit and increases on the last row of rib to 96 sts.

I did 3 repeats of the chart and added 3 stitches after each repeat. I worked those 3 sts alternating as follows:
b - background color m-main color
Odd Row - bbb
Even Row- bmb

Ooooo I love it!