FO - DD's 7' long Christmas Scarf

Ahhhhhhhhhh, I finally finished the last 7’ scarf my DD asked for three weeks before Christmas. I’ve never been so bored with anything in my life, but they are all finally finished and I will deliver this last one on Monday. It is my grandson’s 8th birthday Monday and we are invited to his birthday supper.


Oooh that is BAY-UTIFUL! Make me one please!

I’m not making another scarf for a [B]LONG[/B] time… no offense meant!


I can just imagine your relief! I find scarves boring myself. It’s beautiful though and I hope she loves them all!


You are a jewel amongst mothers, not only do you knit beautiful scarves for your daughters friends, you do it with courtesy and elan. (I just love ‘old fashioned’ words.)

The minute she said, if I remember correctly,“It’s simple, it won’t take you very long.” I would have given her yarn back to her with a rude comment.

It looks great. Congratulations of being done! Did you post her reaction to the other scarves?

It’s a lovely scarf I bet you have had a sickner now of scarves for a while!

You must be so happy that it is finished. Wonder what her next request will be!

[B]Mason:[/B] Thanks!

[B]Jan in CA:[/B] Yes I am very glad they are all finished. I should have had this last one done ages ago but the sock bug bit me so I made socks for DH for Valentines Day, I had to finish that shawl for my MIL and I knit a scarf for my FIL.

[B]Debkcs:[/B] These scarves were what my DD requested for Christmas, three weeks before that blessed event. She said they were “easy” and I should have no trouble getting them done for her on time. In fact, they were boring and three other people did not get their Christmas gifts on time because I was knitting those scarfs. Thankfully those people were understanding! I bought the yarn and thought I could finish but got so sick and tired of knitting scarves. I am going to try and get a picture of the other two scarves on Monday.

[B]KnittingNat:[/B] Thanks, this one did turn out nicely. The boucle drapes nicely when done in a ribbing pattern. The only problem is that it does ladder (although I don’t know why) but unless you really know what to look for you would not see the laddering.

[B]Eccie:[/B] My DD was pleased with the other two scarves and wears them “sometimes”, but she is waiting for this white one because it matches the new coat her MIL bought her for Christmas. I hope she is going to like this one because IMHO it is the nicest of the three (also the hardest to knit because for some reason the yarn was laddering).

[B]Pauline:[/B] It’s going to be a good long time before I feel like knitting scarves again.

[B]Sue in Canada:[/B] My DD put in her request the other day (she does not know I am finished the scarf) for a “very plain” large poncho. She said “It’s really plain so it won’t take you long. I’ll go with you and pick out the yarn I want.” I told her “this time you pay for the yarn, the scarf yarn cost me $50 because I knit all the scarfs with boucle”. She agreed! The good news is that the poncho she picked out is knit with very large needles and thick yarn so it really won’t take me long to knit.

Now I have one last Christmas gift to knit and then I am done with that list. I have to knit a bed jacket for my sister using the boucle. I have yarn and pattern here, thankfully, so I can start it as soon as I am finished the Teddy All-In-One (which has been promised to one of our KH members for her new niece who’s arriving in July). By the time I am finished all this my new sock yarn should be here and [B]I AM GOING TO KNIT SOME SOCKS JUST FOR [U]ME[/U]!!![/B]

Break open the chamagne! At last the dreaded scarves are all done.
But seriously , You did a wonderful job and may i also say that you have the patience of a saint my friend:)

[B]Rita:[/B] Not really patience, I had to stop this one for almost two months before I could force myself to go back to it. It’s not patience, it’s stubbornness. I was determined to finish off all projects in hibernation before I allow myself to knit socks for ME. Therefore I knuckled down and started knitting!!

I still think you should get “Knitting Mother of the Year”!

Thanks. At first she said she didn’t want anything, so I was happy to make her [B]A[/B] scarf when she asked. Three however, that was a bit too much! Oh well, they are done now, and I am thankful to go on to something else! :woohoo:

I like the soft ribbing on that scarf, it’s beautiful!

Thanks! Thats this boucle (Bernat Soft Boucle, 140 g skeins). It is wonderful material once it is knit up, so soft and drapey (if thats a word). It is my favourite of the scarves, but was a pain to knit because it kept on laddering between the knits and the purls. Thankfully no-one will notice it but me (I hope).

:yay: it looks wonderful…

Looks great! I am impressed you made all three 7-footers–that’s a lot of knitting.


You are one of the most unselfish gals I know. Despite the difficulties you’ve had, you continue to put yourself last and do for others.

The scarf is lovely! I would have been thrilled just to receive one.