FO: DD First FO in the round

It is a pinwheel beanie and just adorable

Is there a picture? I’d love to see it!

sorry didn’t get the pics attached

Perfect hat! Can’t believe that was your first knitting in the round. I must learn how!!

It was my 16 year old’s first round project. I thought she did amazingly well.

She did very well. Looks great.

She did an excellent job! :yay:

What a lovely hat! She did an excellent job!

That’s really beautiful! What yarn did she use? I’d love to use it in a pattern I have.

They’re both cute. Is there some angora in there?

The yarn is Simply Soft Shadows from Hobby Lobby. I’ll as about the pattern as soon as she wakes. She will be glad to hear the nice comments

:happydance: She did a great job!


That is beautiful!! It came out really well-she looks very pretty in it, too!

Looks great!