FO- dd Drive thru sweater & silly hat

here are finished shots of dd in her sweater (BTW, she has not wanted to take it off since we took pictures an hour ago :wink: )

she is crying because she can’t see the camera view screen …

so i flipped it so she can see…

and just for fun, a pic of a stash busting hat! though i still have more than half of each skein :doh: she does love it though, and keeps trying to wear it to bed :teehee:

Jeanie I love that sweater it is too cute:inlove: and so is your daughter…The colors go great together. I love it!:thumbsup:

Oh my gosh…she is just adorable! I love the sweater and hat!

Sooo adorable! Awesome job on the knits, and beautiful sweetie pie daughter! :muah:

Your DD is so sweet! And I loved your FO’s - the sweater is adorable and the hat is really cute and funky :thumbsup:

Aww, she is such a cutie! I just love that sweater pattern! The hat is cute too! :cheering:

Your DD is so precious, what a little beauty!

The sweater and hat are nice, also, but DD’s are the best.

Love your sweater. Great earthy colors. Cute kid.

:inlove: That is the cutest sweater ever!

She is so cute, and the sweater is just perfect on her! Love the hat, too.

:slight_smile: That hat just makes me LOL!! Love it! And the sweater is just beautiful! - just like the model; she is adorable!

:passedout: to cute!!! I love the sweater makes me want to knit another… and that hat is to cute!!! Great job :thumbsup:

Great job on the knits! Your dd is beautiful!! Such gorgeous eyes :slight_smile:

Your DD is absolutely gorgeous and so is the little cardigan x

OMG you are all so nice! thanks for the compliments :slight_smile: the sweater is made with plymouth suri merino, and it’s so soft and warm! i wanted to make a gender nuetral sweater so we can re-use it if we have more babies :heart:

That sweater is cute. The hat is ADORABLELY fun. I’m glad I’m not the only one whose child gets upset when they don’t get to look into the digital cam to see the pix taken. LOL…

[SIZE=6][B]She is so CUTE![/B][/SIZE]
[B]Great job on the sweater & hat. [/B] :thumbsup:


heather, she had actual tears running down her cheeks! and then her Nana was laughing, and she looked over at her and cried more! so i had to tkae extras so she could see while i took the pic (she calls them ‘cheese’)

:muah::muah: Your DD is TOO cute!! I love the sweater and the hat both, the hat made me LOL, its so fun!

I had to laugh when you said your DD was crying because she couldn’t see the picture-my DD is four and I canNOT get a decent picture of her because she shoots like a rocket to stand behind the camera so she can see the action on the back! I feel like I’ve won the lottery when I manage to get a shot :stuck_out_tongue: So see your DD shows great restraint, LOL!

Awwwwwwwwww. so darn cute!!!