FO: Daughter's sweater

This sweater is a gift for my youngest daughter. The pattern is Madison by Dolce and is knitted in Heather Gray by Shepard’s Wool a small company here in MI.
If I were to do this sweater pattern again I’d definitely NOT do the front bands in reverse stockinette, a curling nightmare!!! The bottom and sleeve edges as well as the collar are done in garter stitch. Still haven’t figured out why the reverse stockinette.

That’s a beautiful sweater and I’m sure your DD will love it.

Yeah, you asked about the reverse stockinette for the bands and I wondered why it called for that. I’ve used garter stitch and it’s not too bad. Double seed stitch/double moss stitch has worked pretty well for me too.

Well, it turned out beautifully. It’s a lovely gift for your daughter. Well done!

Nice work! Love the style, and the color! Classic!

I knit a cardigan (or two) that asked for rev st st for the edges along the fronts…but the purpose was for a ‘rolled edge’. Certainly no buttonholes were part of the design.

These aren’t really “buttonholes” but Icords that are attached to the inside of the band where the band is attached to the sweater.
Sure won’t do the rev st st on something like that again!!

You did an excellent job and she is going to love it.:inlove:

Love IT!! Somebody is very lucky!! :slight_smile:

Beautiful job!! I so admire all of you guys proficiency. I just started my first top down raglan sweater for myself, and I’ll probably drive all of you crazy with questions!! You already helped me to join in the round LOL!! Your sweater is beautiful, and I’m trying to tell myself “I will get to be this good SOMEDAY”!

SOMEDAY will probably be sooner than you think. I ‘blame’ the good folks here for making it possible for me to knit anything! I started with a hooded, raglan sleeved cardigan with pockets and buttonholes and they got me through it.