FO: Dashing Fingerless Mits

I just finished knitting a pair of Dashing Fingerless gloves from I started out making them for myself, but I’m going to send them to my niece instead. I hope she likes teal.

I love Dashing! Those are so pretty!

Those turned out very nice. I love the color.

I made a pair of these recently. I have a question for you. Were you able to follow the pattern exactly as given, with no changes, and have it all turn out just right? I got to a couple of places where it seemed I couldn’t do what it said, so changed it a bit. I’m just wondering if I had just gone ahead and followed the directions it would have worked too? What was your experience with the pattern? Yours look great.

I had improvise on the thumb. My rib pattern didn’t line up with the rib pattern on the rest of the glove, so I just put a few purls where I saw purl stitches, and knit the rest of them. I’ll probably just do the thumb in stockinette next time. Is that the same place where you had trouble?

Thanks for the compliment. :slight_smile:

very pretty! it looks like your cat likes them too!

They’re beautiful! I love the color!

They are beautiful. They also look very comfy! I hope your niece loves them.

Thanks for sharing…

jdee: They are gorgeous. I’m sure your niece will love them.
Also, that cat is ADORABLE - the one in the attached photo! Very pretty cat! It’s too bad I’m allergic or I’d get one just like that! What kind is he (or she)?

Oh wow! Those turned out really well! So pretty… :inlove:

Are you talking about Merlin, the one on the pet perch, by the window. He’s a himayan. I got him at the shelter, so I’m not sure if he’s full blood, but we loves him anyway.

I’d love him, too. He’s looks adorable. Now I want to Google cats and cat breeders, but I can’t. I have to keep telling myself that I’m allergic…and my son is allergic…and my daughter has asthma…

Oops! I misspelled again. I meant to say he’s a himalayan. The breed supposedly started by mixing a persian with a siamese. But, I don’t know if that’s true.

I’m so sorry you have allergies. Sharing a home with a cat is so much fun, but I guess it wouldn’t be so much if your miserable with allergies.

They turned out great!! I love teal … you can send them to me!!! :smiley:

Very nice and a lovely colour…pretty kitty x

They are beautiful!!!

wow they are sooo nice welldone and the colour you picked is brill!!

No, I don’t think it was just at the thumb where it didn’t seem to work. I think on the first one it was something to do with the second cable twist and on the second glove I didn’t see how the whole thing worked and did it like the first. LOL

The cables didn’t give me much trouble. But I was ready pull my hair out by the time I finished that thumb. I had gaps that I had to sew up where I had picked up the stitches.

I’ll bet yours turned out pretty with the cables lining up instead of alternating. A different look, but just as pretty.

:happydance: very pretty!!

Very pretty!