FO - Dark Mark Illusion Scarf

Finally finished this for my DH, who is a huge Harry Potter fan (so am I). And though I’m pleased with the result, I learned after the fact that superwash wool (KnitPicks Swish) isn’t the best choice. I read somewhere that due to the wool process, superwash has smoother scales and stretches more. But it is done, and I hope to one day design my own illusion pattern. Though we are totally bummed out that the release date of the latest movie has been set back until next summer (July 2009):nails: .

:happydance: very cool!! I love illusion knitting…great job :thumbsup:

looks great! We were bummed about the movie release date too. It’s just better in the fall too. :frowning:

I am not sure I know exactly what “illusion knitting” is but I know that looks cool. LOL

That’s really a great scarf! Too bad the movie is pushed back but I guess I have plenty of time to find a babysitter.:teehee:


Oooooooo…nice color work! Love the colors you chose, too!


I’m not a H.P. fan, but that is a really nice scarf. Illusion knitting is fascinating.

Ooo, looks great! I’m upset that the movie release got pushed back too, dumb ol’ Warner Bros.

That is so neat:yay:

that is so nice! where did you find the pattern?

Kewl! I think it’s great! :thumbsup:

Thanks! Here’s the the link:

That looks cool. I must be leading a sheltered life. I have not heard of illusion knitting before.