FO: Danny wearing "Sprout" hat

Here’s a picture of my nephew Danny wearing the “Sprout” hat I made him for Christmas. It was from MagKnits. It was a very easy pattern to knit up and is also easy to alter to make larger or smaller. I think the tassels make the hat!


So cute! I love that pattern!!

Very cute and he seems to like his new hat!

:cheering: :cheering: :cheering:
Too Cute~!!

It’s great when they’re younger you can get them to wear silly hats! I figure I should make them now when he’s young before he realizes and doesn’t want to wear them! He looks so cute in it though and the blue in the hat really goes with his baby blues! :hug:

Is it just me, or do we KHers have the cutest kids around?

Great job on the hat as well.

I :heart: it! I made the yellow/pink version for my niece for Christmas–I haven’t seen her in it, but I giggled every time I pulled it out to work on it!

Cute! My DH actually made a similar hat for our neighbors’ baby. I had him do it in stockinette just so he wouldn’t have to pay too much attention and so I wouldn’t have to do too much fixing!
The style of the hat does turn out cute!!

Thanks for the compliments ladies. And yes Pixywhispers, I do think us KHers have the cutest kids. Both of my nephews are cutie pies. :heart: I lURV THEM!!!