FO - DANICA SCARF+photos of "pick up and purl"

I learned entrelac! It’s really easy, when you get the hang of it. This is the Danica Scarf from, knitted with Teddy’s Wool Himalaya. It’s 1-ply chunky 50% wool, 50% acrylic, self-striping yarn on 6mm needles. IT IS HORRIBLE! It bled on me to death (that’s for Holy Grail fans:happydance:), every time i had some knitting done, my hands were black and i had to wash them and it took 2-3 times for the color to come out. So i soaked the scarf in some vinegar and water and didn’t help, the totally black squares became dark gray. But the knitting was fun, it was for a co-worker, she was thrilled with the results, but i warned her not to wash this scarf EVER again :teehee:.

what a bummer about the yarn bleeding, because it’s BEAUTIFUL!!! Really nice job on the entrelac. Your co-worker will have a black neck now from it rubbing off! :slight_smile: But it’s really really lovely…I love how the colors blend so well!

Really is beautiful!

:woohoo: It looks very pretty…and I like the colors…to bad you had such a hard time with the color bleeding…

Wow, great job! The entrelac is so gorgeous. Don’t you hate yarn that bleeds on you?

WOW its beautiful!! too bad about the yarn bleeding though because the colors are just lovely!!

Great job! :slight_smile:

thats pretty!

Congrats on learning entrelac! What fun! You did a GREAT job!

Thank you :hug:
I actually think this scarf looks better with self-striping yarn, than the original with 2 colors. It looks more special to me. But the bleeding yarn was a turn-off, because i really enjoyed the technique :happydance:

Oh that is simply beautiful. What a lovely gift to give to someone. I am sure she is going to treasure it. Great job!!!

Beautiful! This pattern is on my very long “to do” list … Love the way it turned out but what a bummer about the bleeding yarn.

That scarf is gorgeous! Great job! :smiley:

It’s too bad about the bleeding, but that is really gorgeous! The self striping looks great!

I printed this pattern out yesterday and am going to try it this weekend.

Hope mine turns out as pretty as yours! (Heck, I hope mine turns out at all!)


Thank you for the compliment! Don’t worry, it’s a really easy pattern. At first you don’t understand what is turning out of your knitting and then you start to see it:happydance: I even figured out the “pick one and purl” instruction. I picked the stitches as if to purl, not from back to front, but came with the needle from back, took the yarn like in purling and took it to the back. If you want i’ll post a picture.

How beautiful! :inlove:

I would love to see your picture of the “pick one and purl” I don’t know when I will try this, but the visual will be helpful for everyone.

Here are the promised pictures. I knit continental, so my yarn is on my left index finger.

This is the sample piece i knit:

I show the whole process from WS because that’s how you “pick up and purl” in the pattern.

That’s the regular “pick up and knit”. You insert the needle from the front, pick up the yarn from the back and return to the front:

This is the way you insert the needle with “pick up and purl” (in my humble understanding):

Then you take the yarn like in purling:

And return the needle with the yarn to the back:

In this way, when you have the WS facing you, the edges of the squares will still be on the WS. HTH

It looks fabulous! Too bad about the yarn though.

I have never had the vinegar and water not work. Maybe your friend should soak it in a stronger water/vinegar base and leave it in for a at least 2 hours.

No matter what, it is quite beautiful!