FO! Danica Scarf (from knitty)

I have finished it! The pictures with the blue background are before I blocked it. It is made with Cash Vero yarn. It is super soft!

Why can’t I see the pictures???

Your pictures are probably too big. Go to this thread to read about posting pictures.
I use this site to resize my pictures.

Nice scarf!

That is gorgeous! :yay:

It looks great! I’ve been eyeing that pattern for a while now. I have it saved in my bookmarks, but I haven’t tried entrelac yet.

That’s really pretty! I love the touch of green (at least, my computer shows green.)

Great colors!! Nice job on the entrelac as well.

:woohoo: it looks wonderful!!

Great scarf!

Wow! It’s beautiful!!

Beautiful! I just bought the same kind of yarn. I agree that it is very soft! I can’t wait to knit mine up now!

very pretty! i love entrelac