FO: Dainty Chevron

I just finished my first pair of toe up sock that was not just a vanilla sock. They are not perfect but they are done. I used a sock formula with a stitch pattern (Dainty chevron) from The knitters Bible.

Well done! :thumbsup: You done great! That’s a cool pattern you used. I’ve got to get adventurous and try some patterns on my socks. You’re an encouragement to me. :slight_smile:

These are adorable little socks! Great work!

They look great and you did a nice job with the stitch pattern too! Hope you enjoy them!!

They came out great! :thumbsup: I like to do that, too. I use the Lifestyle Toe-up sock formula, and then I just pick a nice lace design for the top of the sock and the cuff.

well, they look okay, but I think they would have looked better if I had work the lace pattern a little longer. And thank you all for your kind words.

They’re wonderful! It’s a very pretty lace pattern and it’s worked beautifully into the sock, a very happy combination.