FO: Curtain Tiebacks

These are super easy. Just knit a rope using garter stitch. This is just 3 stitches – slip the first and knit the rest. Makes a nice nubby twisty rope you could use for just about anything. :happydance:

Those look great!:thumbsup:

Now this is clever…why by the expensive ones in the stores when you can make these. Looks great and so simple!

Happy knitting…:knitting:

I was messing with them this morning and put the knot at the side on the hook and let the tassels hang down. That looked good, too. I have these listed to sell in my store and that got me a barter order for these, which is also kewl. I’ll bet these would make good rummage sale or craft fair items and get rid of scrap yarn in the process.

Great idea! I really like the look of them :thumbsup:

Niiiice! :thumbsup:

MIGOSH! In less than 24 hours I bartered a dozen sets of these puppies. At this rate I’ll have my Christmas shopping done by Labor Day! :happydance:

Almost looks like macrame. Beautiful and clever.

Very cool!! Good for you! Isn’t it wonderful when something like this happens and you aren’t expecting the outcome? Wish I would have my Christmas done by Labor Day!

YES! I didn’t realize that but it does look like macrame. :teehee:

Another great stash idea!

Thank you