FO - Cropped Cardi/Shrug for me!

Finally! I finished this last night and tied the ribbon this morning…but I started it last year!
More details on this knit [color=darkred]on my blog[/color]

Some quick stats:
*Berroco Cotton Twist in Color 8387 (it should be called Berroco Cotton Splits!)
*85 yds/ball; I used about 8 balls for the Medium size (Back 19", Length 16")
*Needles - 24" US 5 circular, 24" US 6 circular, and US 6 dpns

Oooooh, I like very much! Where is the pattern from?

Thanks for looking!

This pattern was written up by one of the women at My local yarn store.

She told me long ago that I could share it, as long as you don’t sell the finished product :wink:

If anyone would like a .pdf copy, PM me with your email address.

Marce, that’s just gorgeous! :heart: :heart: :heart:

My goodness, that’s lovely and it looks beautiful on you.

That cardi/shrug is nice. I love the slightly flared cuff.

:heart: :heart: :heart: Where is your head??


I often ask myself that :?? Though I’m guessing you mean in the picture.
My excuse is that it was 5:45am and trust me, you don’t wanna see that. :teehee:

I hear ya!!!

Great job on it! It’s so cute!

I love that color! and it looks great on you! superriffic job you did!

I would love that pattern but I don’t know how to PM here. Can someone help?

Very very nice! I love it!!

Just beautiful, Marce! I LOVE the detail on the sleeves - bell sleeves are fantastic!

:heart: Oooo, that looks gorgeous, Marce! :heart:

Yay for finishing it! :cheering:

Well, I feel stupid. I looked everywhere for directions on how to PM someone and couldn’t find them. Then, at 4:30 in the morning, I look up from typing in the dark, and there is the little tab!

This is so cute. The color is beautiful and I think it is something my 18 year old daughter would love!

Oooh, that’s very pretty! :heart: I love the color too. :heart:

Check you out, showing off that big phat bling bling!!!

Wow, it’s gorgeous! :heart:

That is beautiful! Great fit and great color.