FO: Crochet hook holder

This is a crochet hook holder that folds up like a book. It’s stiffened with plastic canvas inside.

Very nice. It looks like you could put a lot of things in that.

That’s very useful. Did you wing this or follow a pattern? Great job!

Vey cool!

I used this pattern for most of it and winged the pockets. I needed some for my scissors and tape measure. This is an archived pattern. Some of it didn’t make sense at first, but it works if you take it one line at a time.

That’s a nifty little case you’ve got there FOLPJs. The colors are marvelous, as is your work! :yay:

very nice!

Cool crochet case (to get in some early morning alliteration)! I really like the additions you’ve made, but no surprise there: you’re one of the many masters of ingenuity who frequent this site!

For some reason I couldn’t get the link in this thread to work. The link in the Crochet! thread works just fine, though.

This is really cool! You used a nice colored yarn for it too.

Very nice! And practical, too!

oooo I like! I like! Useful things such as this are priceless!!!