FO: Crochet Bag

Well, here is another bag from mathwizard’s language barrier website. I think i’m addicted… :woot:

And it’ll hold all this stuff. :slight_smile:

Somebody stop me! :stuck_out_tongue:

Awesome, you’re just whizzing along with these projects. :cheering: The bag looks great!

ohhh neat bag … wonderful job …
you are for sure having fun … lolol

I like it!!!

That’s a cute looking bag. :slight_smile:

very cute- love the colors! and it looks like it will hold all the stuff too- good work!


Oh they look perfect, neat finish too, i too tried to make a cell phone cover but didnt come out well, i will try to post the pic if possible but wondering if people will laugh at my work!! :frowning:

San: You should totally post it. No one would ever laugh, unless you started giggling first. Then laughter can be contageous. If you want, I’ve made a few cell phone covers and would be more than happy to give pointers/suggestions/help :slight_smile:

Actually i fond difficult to upload, cos it says my file size exceeds the actual size to upload here, wat shd i do?

I use You can upload any size, and then it’ll resize it for you. :slight_smile:

ok… i usually upload my fotos there and share it with my family and friends by mail, but how do i provide the photos here?
thanks for the reply.

Flickr will give you a link for your photo.

When posting an entry, click on the little yellow box with the mountains on it and put the link in the box. Then click okay. It should work :slight_smile:

So nice colours, looks like a yummy layer cake to me. May i have a bite ?

Thanks a lot Riss for ur help, i have posted it, pls look at it :slight_smile:

giggles Thats exactly what I was thinking…

I like that bag!!! And it looks as if there’s no stopping you! Keep on crocheting! Where is the website with the pattern? I’d like to make one too! Thanks, samm