FO Critters

After a very busy month, I needed something to knit that was rather mindless. What is more mindless than a snake? The lizard followed close behind.

Made from Cascade Kaleidoscope D.K. on size 3 needles and stuffed with pinto beans. The snakes eyes are embroidered on and the lizards eyes are rhinestone type eyes from an angora sweater I picked up to recycle.

Mama Bear

Oh my gosh! I don’t like reptiles, but those are so cute!!! :cheering:

Those are great. I love the colors. :yay:

I love the snake! That would make an excellent baby gift… so many of my friends are expecting! Did you follow a certain pattern?

so sweet! :heart:

:cheering: So cute! Love the sparkly eyes! LOL

I love the toes!

Those are cute! What pattern are those? I’m thinking the snake one would make a great cat toy.

omg i love love love that lizard !!! My cat Felix has a little lizard like the one you made. We got it at Six Flags and he has totally beat the stuffing out of it !! How did you make yours ??? Felix would be so happy if I could make him another one. I tried making him one a while ago, but I guess it didn’t suit him .

Those are so cute!! Great job!

Those are so cute!! Great job!

Thanks everyone :slight_smile:

I didn’t use a pattern, but I kept a few notes, so if I can get time to write out the patterns I have already promised for Lucybug, I’ll put these next on the list and put them up from a link on my blog.

I’ll let you know… it’s going to be a little bit before I can get to that.

Mama Bear

I would love to see a pattern for those as well! They are very cute, and I’d love to make some toys for my kids.

Thanks mama bear! :muah:

I love them!!! :cheering:

AGH!!! So flippin’ cute!