FO: Critters

Here are some stuffed animals I’ve made recently. Good use of leftover yarn, plus NO guage swatch to worry about!!

The bear with the pants is ahem anatomically correct! I figured he should have a reason to be wearing pants. Propriety prevents me from showing a photo of his privates, but picture garter stitch and I-cord! :lol:


Those are great! I love the monkey and bear with pants! Where did you get the patterns?


OMG how cute are they?

The bears are from “The Knitted Teddy Bear” by Sandra Polley, though the anatomy under the pants was not part of the pattern. :smiley: My signature line below has a link to this book on Amazon. The bear on the cover is also really cute - I made that one a while back and posted it here.

The monkey is from “Knitted Toys” by Fiona McTague.


I love them!! I love the way that a stuffed animal seems to get its own personality when you give them a face. My boys would love to get their hands on some bears like those! :thumbsup:

So cute!

They made me smile on a really lousy day. Thanks for posting, and nice work!

They made me smile, too. Not your typical teddies!! :cheering:

:smiley: They are so ADORABLE…love, love them :wink:

How cute!! Great job! :thumbsup:

Those are lovely! :smiley:

Laughing hysterically That’s wonderful!!! Anatomically correct stuffed animals!

Love the bears and the monkey! I really enjoy knitted toys and these are so cute!

Mama Bear

Very cute! :roflhard: at the anatomically correct bear – that’s not something you see every day!

Thanks for the kudos! Glad that you got a chuckle out of it!!


Sooo cute!!!

I just have to add that those guys me me grin on a rough morning as well! They look great! :smiley:

Cute, cute, cute …

but I am wondering … just how did you find out how to …um… make the bear’s … um …part … um… correct…

Is there a bear porn website we are all missing ??? :slight_smile:

those are great! How funny about the pants bear that is wonderful!

:roflhard: I just made it up and if it is the only thing I ever successfully design, I’ll be quite sad indeed!