FO: Crimson Cabled Sock on ETSY

Hey everyone! I just put my first pair of socks up on Etsy! :slight_smile: I’m very excited about putting stuff on Etsy, so I guess we’ll see what happens! My second pair should be ready by tonight, but might not get finished until tomorrow :slight_smile: Let me know what you think!

Of course, this pair is my own pattern - it’s just a 56 stitch sock on size 2s with two four stitch cables running down each leg. At the heel flap, I split the cable and only continued with the top one down the foot. Simple, in flydyed lacewing crimson. I’ve talked about this yarn before and how much it bleeds, but the lady does have great customer service. I won’t purchase again, however, but I am more than happy to use up what I have :slight_smile: Cuz I do like it… I just get sad whenever any of those yarns touch water… lol Ya know the feeling, or is it just one of those weird Rachel things?

But here are the pics:

And check it out at :slight_smile:

Those are great socks!


I was so excited that two people responded, and one was a spammer :frowning:

The socks are beautiful, Rachel!

I got rid of the spam and spammer!!:twisted:

They are very pertty. How fun to be able to sell your wares.

Those look great Rachel!

Just love the color and the pattern, Rachel. I’m sure you’ll find a buyer soon. If I thought they’d fit , I’d buy them.

Hey Rach, I just clicked on your link, it didn’t take me to Etsy. Could you fix it, please?

They’re beautiful!! Too bad about the bleeding though. :frowning: Good luck on Etsy!

Beautiful socks! I love that color and your pattern has just the right amount of detail. Good luck on Etsy.

They look wonderful…great work! :muah: