FO cravat style scarf

I made this scarf in just over a weekend, it’s only 170 yards of yarn, but I think the length is great for the style. I used my state fair buy yarn, it’s handspun and really not great for a textured pattern, so the 2x2 ribbing is great. And the color in the pic is pretty accurate. whatcha’ think?

It looks great!

I like it! Did you use a pattern, or is it your own design? I love the texture of the homespun – it goes well with the rib design.

It is actually just 2x2 ribbing with a extra large button hole for the part of the scarf to go through. I knit it super fast. easy and satisfying, since I learned buttonhole-ish stuff!

Great job!! I like that style of scarf. Very chic! -Ve

Awesome! I love the tweedy look of the yarn. 2x2 rib was a great choice!

Very nice…

I knit something like this for my mother.

It looks very stylish and I like the length/proportions of your scarf.:cheering::cheering::cheering:

I like your scarf. Nice work and pretty color!!

Great job!!! :happydance:

:thumbsup: Lookin’ good!

Very nice and the colour is lovely x

Looks great and with the keyhole it won’t fall off.

:muah:Thank you everyone! It is one of the fo’s recently that I am most proud of. I went and bought some chunky malabrigo and am making another one now for my DH for xmas. I will post pics when it’s done!

The ribbing looks great. I want to learn buttonhole-ish stuff too:??

Lookin’ good! Really pretty yarn!

Great job, congrats! :cheering:

Very cozy! It’s starting to feel like winter here and I know that would get used.

Mama Bear

It’s been raining here all weekend, in the lower 60’s. DH got to have a peek at his Malabrigo version today, I told him it would be the warmest scarf he owns. I am making it with Malabrigo chunky, which I have never used, but LOVE!:muah:Reminds me of why I like malabrigo so much, it is just so yummy slipping through your hands!