FO: Cozy scarf and a hat

Here is my new scarf – I am going through some serious destashing :slight_smile: I used this pattern

I will add a hat picture later when it’s dry. Just don’t want to start a million threads :slight_smile:

That’s ok. It’s a fashion show just to see the things you’ve knit. Great color changes in this scarf!

Oh I love the soft, watercolory way the yarn colors play out! The scarf looks like you used a fisherman rib, nice and cushy! Great job!

I hate the Lionbrand website. Everytime I click a lionbrand pattern link…it wants a person to LOG IN to see the darn pattern! I can never remember my password, and I’m too lazy to stop and dig it up! So I just have to imagine what the pattern looks like. Bah!

Great scarf. Lovely colors and I really like that stitch for scarves.

Ahh very pretty, thats my kind of scarf, I especially love the colours.

Thanks! And yeah, sorry about Lionbrand… but I figured I’d provide the link in case anybody would like to try the pattern and simply because it’s someone’s design.

Actually, I saw this scarf as a WIP here and followed the link, can’t find this thread. The same with legwarmers :slight_smile:

That’s pretty!

I avoid the LB site for the most part even though I stay logged in. I don’t like the way it’s laid out and it doesn’t fill my measly 17" monitor screen so it’s a waste of space.

Beautiful scarf! :heart:

Thank you for the link. I will use the pattern for one of my Special Olympics scarves…I think it will work up nicely in the Cherry Red and Soft Navy colors for this year.

Not sure why, but when I click on your link I immediately get the pattern site…don’t have to sign in every time.


Cute and very nice fall colors too! I am sure you will enjoy wearing it.

Thanks! I tried to make it in worsted weight yarn but it seemed too stiff (or too bulky with larger needles) although the ridges were more pronounced.

And for this one I used Patons Lace (80% acrylic, 10% mohair, 10% wool) with 4.5 mm needles.

That’s a beautiful scarf! Is this for you? I hope so. After all the knitting you do for others, you ought to get something for yourself.

And I never bother remembering my LB log-in info. Every time I go there, I just make up a bogus user name and e-mail address, and clog their rotten system with chaos (I hope).


And yes, it’s finally for [I]me[/I]! :slight_smile:

Just doing this scarf myself too, it’s lovely and easy to do, I’m using DK yarn but larger needles so the scarf is turning out beautifully soft, it’ a Christmas present but not sure who for yet!