FO: Cozies for Droidx

Anyone who owns a Droidx (or similar smartphone) knows what battery HOGS they are. Because we go to our mountain property so much…and there is no electricity…charging my phone in the truck or when DH has the generator running is spotty…can’t count on it to fill my needs.

So I’ve had to purchase 4 extra strength batteries for that darn thing, and this is in addition to the standard battery that came with the phone.

Anyway, I knit up a Batteries Cozy for the 4 extras not in the phone. Plus, a cozie for the phone itself. My handbags don’t always have a cellphone pocket that accommodates the dimensions of the Droidx.

So anyhoo, here they are:

Batteries Cozie (4 are inside, plus the extra ‘back’)

Droidx Cozie

In my Ravelry project folders for each of them, I shared all the details on how
I knit each of them, if you’d care to look…click HERE and HERE.

I used a US3 with worsted weight yarn to make the cozies ‘sturdy’. Scrap yarn, too. :happydance:

LOL That is one thing I won’t have to knit. We don’t have any cell phones. Must be nice to have when you really need them though. Your handknit cozies add a bit of hominess to the technical side of life. Nice cable and button.

Thanks, Judy!

A lot of the younger generation are canceling landlines, and going with cellphone only. No sense in paying for both.

I’ve always needed a cellphone for my art business, traveling long distances from home to new places, sometimes on the road home late at might.

No cellphones? :noway: :?? Wow…

Nice cozies, Dollyce! I’d never get my phone out in time if I had it in a cozy though.

Very cute, ArtLady! As always, embellished with your fancy touches! :inlove:

Neat! I like how it’s knit in a round with no sewing, and the colours are nice. It’s a cute little thing, however I can’t decide on wether I need it – I am with you on protecting the phone in but with Jan on missed calls :slight_smile:

Wonderful and useful solution for the cell phone and especially for the extra batteries. Good looking yarn, too.

Very cute and practical. We are seniors and don’t have a land line anymore and haven’t for a year. We both have Iphones and they seem to be all we need. We figured out that canceling our landline phone and the savings with the monthly local and any long distance we incurred, actually about paid for the cell phones and the service per month. We haven’t found it to be disrupting in any way not to have a landline except purchasing movies on Direct tv, but we never did that anyway. The one thing is, though you have 911 service is of course is not tapped into your address so you have to verbally tell them that unlike landline. You did a great job on the cell phone cozies!

Great job on these! So very useful and stylish!!