FO: Cowl/Infinity Scarf Thingy plus one more

Did this up in about 3 hours last night. It took the entire ball of yarn I bought. I love it but wish it could have been a bit longer. It looks like it hangs to the belly on the maniquin but on me it comes just to my chest. I like the way it turned out however I think maybe I binded off too tight because it is tighter along the edge on one side and isn’t as stretchy. Are there more than one way to bind off on a knit row that maybe would have made it looser? I’m going to check in at the yarn store after work and ask them what they think the problem is. I posted it on my facebook and now everyone wants me to knit them one haha. The pattern I used if anyone is interested is but I cast on 66 stitches to make it longer and did only one yarn over. I’m wearing it today and getting compliments. :slight_smile:

Not surprised at the compliments! It’s a beautiful scarf and very well done. (You can always bind off using a size or two larger needle in the right hand or try Jenny’s bind off with just knit sts.)

Very pretty! What kind of yarn is it? You might be able to block it so it stretches a bit. Newly knit projects sometimes bunch up.

Very nice.

It’s called Schachenmayr “Bravo Big” yarn. I’ve never blocked anything before so I’m not too sure how to do that. It’s very strange the way its so much tighter. The bottom is so loose and stretchy almost like ribbed.

There are many ways to bind off more loosely from using a larger needle to Jeny’s Surprisingly Stretchy bind off. If you do a search you can find others. Undoubtedly one of them will suit your needs. Once I used the Surprisingly Stretchy Bind Off and it was too stretchy so I redid it and as in this case I was binding off ribbing, I only used the yo with the purl stitches.

It looks perfect!

In things like this you often need to use a different bind off or at least use a larger needle. The standard bind off isn’t particularly stretchy.

Ahh ok so how much larger should the needles be? I used size 10mm needles for this project

If you’re doing the standard bind off you could try one needle size larger and don’t pull the loops too tight… I’ve heard some people use two sizes larger, but start with one.

You could also do Jeny’s Surprisingly Stretchy Bind Off. It really is stretchy! Don’t use a larger needle when doing this one.

I suggest swatching and trying different ones.

Oh yeah! LOVE LOVE LOVE! The chunkiness of it really adds style and impact!!!

thanks all! Here is a photo of me wearing it, and another photo of another scarf I just finished using different yarn but the same pattern and cast on more stitches.

I really like it–it’s beautiful! I just finished the GAP-tastic cowl. I, too, regretted that I didn’t use a stretchier CO and BO. I have used Elizabeth Zimmerman’s sewn bind-off. It’s very stretchy and very easy. I have heard that the cable CO is stretchy. Does anyone know which CO is best for a stretchy edging?

I usually just do long tail, but German twisted is a good stretchy cast on. Personally I find cable cast on tighter, but that may be the way I knit. :shrug:

Like so many things, the answer is: It depends. Try some different ones and see which works best for you. Youtube has a number of videos for stretchy cast ons that you could check out.

You’re right! I just looked it up, and apparently the cable CO is NOT a stretchy CO. For some reason I had it in my head that it was the other way around.

That’s just gorgeous, now have another project added to my list…I just love the colour you chose too :thumbsup:

I absolutely love Jeny’s Surprisingly Stretchy Bind Off and use it all the time. You do have to watch your tension, though. If you let it get too loose, you can end up with a wavy edge. But with just a little practice, it produces a beautiful and stretchy edge.

A friend from out of town is here and came to visit last night and tried on the scarf. It looked so good on her I had to give it to her.

I’ll make another one for myself if I can ever find the yarn again. (Bravo Big)

That looks beautiful! You can probably find a similar yarn. :thumbsup: