FO - Cowl and Hat

Almost done with this… just need to get something to use for blocking it (obviously it needs a good bit of straightening out and the button hole band needs to be shaped). Now I need to find a cool funky/chunky button!

Working on the matching hat as well… my attention span has been really short lately, not sure why, but hopefully that’ll get finished this weekend :o)

That’s a pretty pattern!

Beautiful color and stitch pattern! Great job!

Very nice work, Evan! The color and the cables are both stellar! Can’t wait to see the FO!!!

Lovely pattern n nice color

It’s being blocked right now… and the ‘matching’ hat is almost done!!! :oD I can’t even say how excited I am for my BFF to recievee this … it’s totally her color and VERY chic (imo). :oD

Can NOT wait to get this done!!!

That is so pretty, Evan! :cheering: :cheering: :cheering:

Can you divulge your pattern source?


Love the color!

Really nice Evan - what a great color! Can’t wait to see the “set”

It looks great Evan. Really beautiful. :cheering: :happydance:

Looks like a Tudora but instead of a cable, rib, cable pattern a cable pattern with some ribbing on the top. Is that right? I made one for my friend last year and she loved it. Its a great and totally fun pattern.

It is the Tudora pattern, Evona! I honestly didn’t read the instructions correctly and assumed that the ribs were cables but didn’t realize til after I finished it. I LOVE the way it turned out, maybe even moreso than if I had alternated.

I just took it off the blocking mats and will find a cute button tomorrow when I go to my open knitting night downtown (there are like 7 stores in that area!!!) I KNOW I’m lucky that I have like 15+ stores I can visit in my area, and I LOVE that.

Hopefully I’ll finally get the matching hat done tomorrow at the open knitting. Been dealing with music edit D R A M A for the last week (the joys of teaching dance)… not to mention the parents (read: fathers) HATING my costume choice for my latin number.

And here’s the link Judy!!!

Thank you! :muah:

I’ve printed the pattern and added the cowl to my list.


Love this!!!

Finished the hat today… didn’t get a button for the cowl yet, hopefully tomorrow!

I actually like the way the hat looks when I wear it, the cables stretch nicely and don’t end up looking ‘girly’ - I might just have to make one for myself!

For the hat I cast on 96 (although I would probably add 12 to 24 more if I were to make this again) stiches with size 6 needles. Worked in k4, p2 rib for 2 rows. 3rd row I slipped two stitched to the back, knitted the next two, then knitted the two from the needle, then purled the next two stitches. 4th row k4, p2 ribbing. I repeated that 3 more times, then worked in k4, p2 ribbing for 13 rows, added two more cable repeats, worked k4, p2 til the hat was 5 inches.
(all of these are just repeated til the end of the round)
k4, p2, k2tog, k2, p2
k4, p2, k2tog, k1, p2
k4, p2, k2tog, p2
k4, p2, p2 tog, p1
k4, p2, p2tog
k4, p1, p2tog
k2tog, k2, p2
k2tog, k1, p2
k2tog, p2
k2tog, p1
break string gather remaining 4 stitches and pull tightly.

So pretty! A job well done!

:cheering: :cheering: :cheering:


Wow, even better “in person”!! :yay: :yay: