FO: Cow hat

This is a crocheted cow hat from a Youtube tutorial. It’s an earflap hat that my granddaughter can’t take off this time. lol We fixed her.

Such an adorable baby and the hat is so cute! Good idea for keeping those ears covered.

Haha! :lol: That’s so cute!

What a sweetie! She looks adorable.

I finally have her here to measure her outfits I knit and crochet. The kids have been far away in Washington state. It’s been too costly to go out there. She’s one year old and I’ve just met her. Getting to know her. She’s just beginning to take baby steps and go all over the place, to the dismay of the cats. The kids sold the house in Washington and moved back to Wisconsin with my baby. Yeah! We’re ecstatic!

Oh fun! She’s adorable!

She cried when we put it on. But that’s because she doesn’t like wearing hats and my daughter and I were laughing so hard.

I’m so glad you’re all close together again. I love being close to my GKs. Enjoy all the time you can with that sweet little girl.

It is so cute and looks adorable on her!

I’m tellin’ ya…I don’t know what’s cuter…the baby or the hat! Wonderful work! :thumbsup:

Great Job on the hat…it’s very cute!!