FO- Covington Shawl

Just sharing my newest FO and design…available on both Ravelry and Patternfish.

Made using “Sweet Nectar” from in a 4 ply Semi-solid sock yarn…80%Wool/ 20% Bamboo…so soft and size 8(US) needles! Hope you like…have been busy and I apologize for my absence.

Mary, that is gorgeous!!:inlove:

VERY NICE!!!:notworthy: :inlove:

Wow, it is stunning Mary! You do SUCH beautiful work! :heart:

What a lovely shawl! the color is so pretty and your work is amazing! Does it feel as soft as it looks??

Oh Yes…it is very soft! The drape is wonderful.:slight_smile:

Absolutely gorgeous! I love the pattern, and the color you chose is beautiful too! I really will have to try a lace piece one of these days …

Oh my goodness!! LOVE it!! Beautiful design and color!!

That is really beautiful!!

So pretty!


Wow Mary! Wow! This is a truly divine shawl! I do love the patterning! Looks like you’ve also created a very thoughtful pattern, too! Fully charted, 8 pages, and also an option to receive larger size charts if needed! You’re a very gifted designer, and thoughtful to boot! Best wishes on the continued success of your designs!

Do you have any tips to share with us about knitting a lacy shawl such as this? Can you tell me, what will be my biggest challenge if I take on an ambitious project such as this? I’m a sweater knitter for the most part…my lace experience is only scarves…which are only 30 st wide at the most. A shawl, oy vey! It looks daunting! So many stitches on the needles at the end!

What say you? Am I up to a project like this? I sure do love it! And is fingering or lace weight the best? What do you recommend?

I purchased your PDF pattern via Ravelry! The Covington Shawl! Very reasonably priced, Mary! Thanks!

I’m printing the pattern now. It is so well laid out, and I really appreciate the color coding you have done to make it easier to follow the line-by-line instructions! Thoughtful of you!
I prefer charts, and your charts are also better quality than usual!

Mercy, Woman! So many questions…Thanks for your wonderful comments and encouragement!

First of all… everyone of my patterns includes a section of general tips and suggestions for the pattern and overall lace knitting…And lace knitting always looks more difficult than it really is but does require concentration and patience. I would say that your biggest challenge is having the “Stick-to-it-tiveness” to complete. Don’t let the large number of stitches scare you…it means you’re almost done with the fabric. Stitch markers can actually be placed before each of the stitch pattern repeats and will help with counting or finding errors.

I did the pattern sample on Covington using size 8 needles and a 4-ply sock yarn so that I could make sure that it radiates well…I just love mine…wore it this weekend on chilly mornings and evenings, kept me warm without having too much weight…although, by reducing the number of times Chart B is repeated, the shawl can be made smaller…in the sock yarn and size 8’s.

The shawl has not yet been done with laceweight or 2 ply fingering but I’m positive it would be fantastic in either yarn with smaller needles. Mine is HUGE! The laceweight or fingering would need smaller needles to allow for good stitch definition. Using the pattern as is, following the same directions with the thinner yarn and needles will produce a nice sized shawl. I have ordered some white, 50% Merino/ 50% Silk laceweight so that I can do a wedding shawl for June display…will be using size 5 or 6 needles so a sample is being worked.

Blocking is enjoyable to me because I love to figure out the best way, but wires, both flexible and stiff are good to have for this one. Directions in detail are in the blocking section.

And, of course, my email address is provided on the pattern for support if needed.

Thanks Mary! And also, thanks for sending me the larger version for the charts!

In reading over your pattern, I am sooooo happy that the WS rows are just purls, with the exception of the 3 border stitches at each end! So the working rows are only on the RS! Yay!

I certainly do love the yellow highlighting you included! That really makes the areas to be repeated MUCH EASIER to spot!

You’re a real pro! An excellent design!

beautiful, just beautiful!!!

wow! that is truly stunning!! GORGEOUS!

Yup, that’s super duper alright. I love it! I’ve yet to make a shawl out of sock yarn, I always figure I should use “better” yarn or more luxurious for some reason but I see sock yarn is beautiful in the shawl. Lovely!

Wow! That is sooo pretty, Mary! GREAT job!

I love it too and the color looks well on you.

Mary that is just STUNNING!!! You really have become our resident LACE PRO!!!