FO - Couple of scarves

I just LOVE this Ribs & Ruffles scarf pattern!! I’ve made so many of them in all kinds of yarn and it always turns out wonderful … and it’s such a fast knit!

This one was done with 2 strands of RH Soft on size 13 needles - it’s almost as soft as the Chunky Baby Alpaca ones I’ve done. The thing about using the acrylic though, is that it’s wash and dry. I have several people on my list I know won’t take care of an alpaca scarf.

close up of the stitches:

And I made this one with 2 strands of some fine baby yarn from my stash - used size 10-1/2 needles. It’s for my almost 4 yo niece. I “tied” the jingle bells on after I finished the scarf. I tried several different ways to attach them and this was the simplest.

and a closeup:


:inlove: aww what a cute idea, your neice will love that. They both look great :thumbsup:

Very nice! Perfect for a little girl!

They are lovely . I love the finishing touches:)

Love them both!

Oh, how pretty!!!

TEMA:yay: [/COLOR]

Well, [B][COLOR=Blue]YUMMY YUMMY[/COLOR][/B] is all I can think of!!! Wonderful knitting, and great design work, too!