FO - Cotton Summer Purse for my niece

For some reason, I was inspired to knit a little pouch for my clothes pins for hanging clothes out to dry. So I started off, pretty much using this pattern and doubled kitchen cotton on size 10.5 needles. I did the front and back and blocked them. Thought they looked nice, but a little small. I just couldn’t bring myself to knit the looooooong strap/gusset so I just seamed it up and made a twisted strap with beads knotted on the ends. I started to fill it with my clothes pins only to discover that it held LESS than the pitiful plastic container I had been using previously :doh: . So I gave it to my niece yesterday as a little summer purse and she loved it so it was worth it anyways!!!

If you’re wondering what the yarn is, it’s “this is why we don’t dye cotton yarn with Kool-Aid yarn” :roflhard: It looks cute but it is NOT colour fast and if it gets washed it will not be the same colour anymore. Oh well!! :wink:

That is super cute! Note to self: don’t dye cotton yarn with Kool-Aid…

It does make a perfect purse - I’m glad she liked it!

:smiley: Aren’t you just the sweetest aunt?! Cute purse :thumbsup:

That came out so pretty! :XX:

Very pretty! :thumbsup:

That’s so cute knitqueen!! :inlove: I really like the color :thumbsup: – is that brown I see with the pink and white? The yarn looks somewhat similar to Sugar’n’Cream Rosewood. Your niece probably will carry that with her everywhere!

No, no brown, just shades of pink and cream and half of the twisted strap is a darker pink colour.

Thanks everyone! :heart:

Very nice! :smiley:

Very nice! :thumbsup:

Too cute!

Very cute! :inlove:

I like the way the kool aid washed out. Real purdy :heart: and I love the idea on the pattern that says use a pocket from an old pair of jeans to line it. Great idea :thumbsup: