FO: Coronet hat!

I’ve done several hats, but this is the first one that actually fits AND looks good on me! This was also my first cable, first provincial cast on, and first kitchener stitch. (The kitchener stitch didn’t turn out very well, but the yarn is black and hopefully no one will notice!)

ETA: Oops! I forgot to post the link for the pattern. It’s here

Great work. It looks wonderful on you :slight_smile:

That is a great hat! :thumbsup:

Very nice and looks so good on you.

It’s beautiful!!

I’ve seen this pattern done up before, but it is always beautiful. Congratulations on all your new skills. You’re right about black yarn…very forgiving. :slight_smile: It looks great.

It looks beautiful on and off! Great work!

:woohoo: it looks great!!

oh, that’s really pretty! is that a cable on the bottom? yes! it is! wow!

You really out did yourself since this was the first time you did all those complicated stitches. Its a beautiful hat .

Very nice and it really suits you x

That is beautiful!! You did a great job, and it looks so elegant in black!

Wow that looks so good especially since you had alot of firsts with it.

It looks great and fits great!!

Awesome job! Don’t worry about the Kitchener stitch. The first time never looks too good.

love the cable!! great pic:blooby:

Great Job! I printed this pattern out a while ago, just waiting for the minute to start knitting it for myself!

Great hat!