FO: Convertible mittens

Here’s a pair of convertible mittens, my own pattern, with texting thumbs. This is Wool of the Andes 100% Peruvian Highland wool in a blackberry (deep purple) color. My son grabbed them and put them into use before I could get a good picture. Here they are, well loved and complete with dog hair.

A better picture.

Nice! I made some for my daughter a few years ago. I keep forgetting to have her bring them back so I can make the texting thumb. I forgot at the time.

Love them and purple is my favorite color! What better way to show they’re useful than to show them already worn?
:cheering: :cheering: :cheering:
I’ve still not worked up the courage to make real mittens, just the mitts with no fingers and a rudimentary thumb. You inspire me to try something more.

Gorgeous color and wonderful pattern… They look terrific and apparenetly your son thinks so too!

I like the thumb things :slight_smile: I’ve never seen those before.

What wonderful mittens! And obviously already much loved!

Great idea about the convertible thumb piece for texting. When all those scientists of long ago (like when I was in high school) insisted humans would lose their thumbs one day from disuse, they never dreamed we’d “start” using them again with future gadgets!! (Personally, though, I never stopped using mine even without texting!)

Really, really nice! :heart:

Great idea. So the thumbs open up?

Hey those are terrific!

Real nice and useful!! LOL! “texting thumbs”

Here’s a pair of convertible mittens, my own pattern, with texting thumbs.

How’d you do the thumb? I’m almost there, I’m working from the finger to the wrist and already have the moveable finger part set up. I’m making mittens for a Sackboy costume.

I love them too and obviously your son does too…:slight_smile:
Nice when they can’t wait to wear something that you put your heart into… :yay:

These are great! I had a pair that I bought from the store a few years ago, but handmade ones are even better! With my Iphone if I am wearing mittens or gloves I can’t do anything because it’s sensitive to only skin I guess, so these would be perfect for me.

Knit Picks has metal thread that you can embroider on the fingertip of a glove and still use your device that needs a finger touch instead of a stylus.

I saw that! I wanted to order some but by the time I paid for my new needles it just wasn’t happening this order. Maybe next time.