FO - Convertible Mittens

I didn’t get a good picture of these before they were gifted unfortunately so this is all there is. They were pretty easy to make and my daughter says they are super warm!

Pattern - Urban Necessity Gloves
Yarn - Berroco Ultra Alpaca (1 skein) in charcoal

Very nice. Those look nice and warm. I would love to be able to knit gloves. I have never tried to do the finger thing.

Ooh, I love these! Great color, too. How do you like the Ultra Alpaca?

That’s a great pattern. I’ll have to bookmark that one. And you did a great job on them!

It’s a little scratchy to my sensitive skin, but it’s fine for gloves. It’s very fuzzy and warm. :thumbsup:

I love them. They came out great!!!

Jan, those are great! What a versatile color too! The gloves will go with everything!

They look nice and cosy . Just what we need for this time of year ! :slight_smile:

Very nice Jan! What an innovative pattern! I like the heathered gray color, too!

Love these!!! They would be perfect for my DD (or anyone really).

:happydance: they look great!

Try soaking them in warm water with hair conditioner in it. This softens up any scratchy yarns! The look fantastic!!!

Christine, I have tried everything to soften wool. They feel soft at first, but they end up itchy. My neck and shoulder area are the most sensitive, but I can wear wool socks or gloves. I am in the process of trying various wools and blends to see if I can find [I]something[/I] that will work for a sweater.

Thank you to everyone! I would also like to comment here about the thumbs… these work fine as is, but my DD had another pair of similar gloves that had a button hole type thing in the thumb so her thumb would be useful as well as the fingers. They had come apart so I fixed them for her (yeah!) and added the thumb buttonhole to those again. They are neat, but I think my thumb would get cold through the hole so I’m going to make some more soon and attempt some sort of thing like the fingers for the thumb. We’ll see if I have any hair left when I’m done. :teehee:

They look great! Thanks for posting the pattern - I have wanted to try these for a while :slight_smile:

Great job! Very professional! And I too love the color!

To those who might be trying the pattern… it has a unique way of doing the fingers so there is no adding stitches for each finger and there are less holes. I did have to cover a few as you always do, but overall it was better.

Your’s look good! I just finished a similar pair using three patterns: Knucks, Pele, and Broad Street Mittens. I like the finger hood on your pair much better. It’s smaller than mine. I’ll try the Urban Necessity Glove pattern next time. My pair also have a thumb “hat” – more like a peekaboo hole.

Useful, elegant and warm - what is there not to love! I:heart: it. Great job, Jan:thumbsup: