FO-Converse Booties

I also posted this in the Christmas KAL. I made these for my cousin who is having a baby right around Christmas. She is having a boy. She wanted something different than the usual baby things than she was going to receive at her baby shower so I knitted her these. She is crocheting her own baby blanket so I that’s why I didn’t do a blanket. I am happy with the way it came out. If after I do all my other gifts and I have time I may do a sweater later on.

I used berroco comfort and for the converse star I used a fleece fabric that had a star pattern on it and used a quarter to cut out the right size.

OMG ! Seriously way too cute :slight_smile:

So cute!!! I just think they are so sweet! :muah:

Those are so adorable! :slight_smile:

Awww they look adorable! I used Berroco Comfort on mine, too.

Tooooooooooooo cute:cheering: Like the idea about the fabric cut out.:cheering:I have made these and could never figure out a good way to do the star,THANKS:teehee:

Way too cute! Love how you did the star too! She will LOVE these!

Adorable, great idea to use the star.

Those are so cute! Great idea, using the fleece star.

Thanks. There was No way was I going to cut out white fabric and then star shape and sew the 2 together. It would look terrible. And boy is it HARD to find Star fabric in the right color and right shape. But joann’s had it in the fleece which I felt was perfect for the pattern. The fleece also comes in pink for girls.

I love them! Where did you get the pattern?

This is the pattern I used. It is a quick and easy pattern.

Those are so darn cute!


OMGosh, these are exactly what I’d like to make for two baby showers that I have coming up!! They are simply adorable!!

Those look so adorable!

:yay: very cute!