FO: Converse Booties

I was inspired by Jan in CA’s adorable booties and simply had to make these for a coworker’s baby. She and her husband really like Chuck Taylors and they seemed to like these as well!

Adorable ! Baby will look so cool in them :slight_smile:

Awwww…so cute! I just can’t get over the adorable little kid stuff these days!!!

Oh my, how cute is that!

Good job, I’m sure they’ll really appreciate them.


Very cute. Can you tell me where to find the pattern please.

Those are very cool! :thumbsup:

I would also like to know where to find the pattern. These are just too cute.

I found the link for these booties in another post made by Jan in CA. Here it is

Those look great! :yay:

cute cute cute !

That’s just the pattern I used! Thanks for posting it for me :thumbsup:

Those are so cute!!! I bet your co-worker will [B]LOVE[/B] them. Great job:thumbsup:

So cute. They had to be a hit.

How cute can booties get!! Darling.

Absolutely precious! Aren’t they a fun/quick knit?

They are! My only issue was weaving in all the ends :zombie: but I’d say they’re definitely worth it!

:happydance: very cute!

It is just too cute! :inlove:

these are so cool!!! I love them:muah: