FO - Continental socks!

Hey everyone! I’ve just finished knitting my second pair of socks. I had only knit English before, and I made these socks with continental knitting. You obviously can’t tell, but I know it, and that makes all the difference!!! lol Let me know what you think :slight_smile:

(Sorry Jan in CA, I STILL cannot figure out how to attach a picture into the regular post… so it’s a link again. I’m pressing the paperclip thing but nothing happens.)

Great job!!! It sounds like you are gonna be a sock addict now :smiley:

I’m not an addict! I can quit any time I want to - I just don’t want to! lol Of course that’s what all the addicts say…

:teehee: LOL!
Of course we do.
Nice socks!

Well done, those socks look awesome! Isn’t continental much easier when knitting on DPNs or circulars? I taught myself while making socks as well, and I am hooked now… both on socks and on continental knitting. :teehee:

The socks look great Rachel.

Regarding attachments, when you click on the paperclip, a box is supposed to pop up, do you have a pop up blocker, it maybe stopping it from poppin up. Also you can click on the little yellow box with the moutain in it and paste the url from you picture hosting site in there.

I just copied and pasted the http link in your post and here are your socks.


Great job on the socks. Sock on! :thumbsup:

The socks look great! And I feel your pride in yourself in making the socks Continental style. I’ve recently switched over too, so these first few projects feel great to complete!

Way to go! :cheering:

Here’s another picture of the socks, just to see if I can get a posted picture to work:

Yeahhhhhh, you did it Rachel! You have your first official posted pic! The socks look terrific!

Love the socks! What is the yarn? And what size needles did you use?

Nice job!

Socks are on my “list” of “TODOS”

It was Online brand self-striping sock yarn, a cotton and nylon blend on Size 2 needles. Thanks for the awesome feedback, everyone :smiley:

Your socks look really great. Just another hint when you want to post pics. You put the url between , so
[ img][/img]
Omit space

Hope this helps.

Those are so cute! Congratulations!

So very cute! Congrats!

Very nice! Be careful…socks are addictive :slight_smile:

Beautiful. I love the yarn you chose!