FO - Comfort Shawl for Heather

(It’s so much easier to copy and paste from my blog, so please forgive the length and number of pictures…although having lots of pictures of patterns can be helpful sometimes.)

I have a friend who lost her husband after a year and a half battle with melanoma. He was 35 and in the prime of his life.

I had, for a few weeks, planned on beginning a comfort shawl for his wife, should the need arise (you always have hope that the cancer will go into remission); however, Steve passed away rather unexpectedly, so I got to work a little sooner than I’d originally intended.

I even mentioned the shawl to my friend and fellow KH’er, [B]Christina[/B] (aka Rabbitrescuer), and she found yarn for me to use with [B]this free pattern[/B].

The yarn is Bernat Baby Sport Solid. I asked Christina to surprise me with a color since she has oodles of the stuff, and she generously sent a skein to me in the mail…


As soon as I received it, I got to work.

It took me about three weeks to finish it…school obligations interfered with a speedier completion.

But, finish I did, and although acrylic yarn is rumored not to have a “memory,” I blocked it anyhow. I needed to uncurl the edges of the seed stitch border.



What resulted was a shawl that drapes nicely over the shoulders.

The sport weight yarn coupled with the size 10 needles made this a less-than-bulky shawl…perfect for nippy days.


The style is simple but sweater-like, with seams running down both shoulder blades…





I really wound up liking this pattern, even if I did have doubts along the way. I love the seed stitch border, and I love the arrowhead lace pattern that adorns the bottom of the shawl.

Quite honestly, I love everything about it!!


Thanks for looking!! :muah:

[COLOR=“Navy”]Wow! I like your’s better than the pictures with the pattern.[/COLOR]

That’s beautiful! That’s very sweet of you to do that for her. :hug:

That’s a very kind, thoughtful thing to do. Your shawl is lovely, drapes beautifully, and does indeed look like a comfort shawl. Well done!

Nathalie: This is quite beautiful and even more so because you are giving it to a friend to comfort her in her loss now. God Bless you for that. You did a fabulous job and she will truly treasure it always I am sure!!!:muah:

That is indeed a beautiful shawl. Thanks for sharing all the pictures. They are a delight to look at.

How lovely! A really neat design…just “ornate” enough to be pretty, but simple enough to be handsome! Very nice!

That shawl is beautiful!! It looks much better “in person” than in the pattern!

I adore it! You did a great job, and the color is indeed very comforting…to my eyes anyway.