Fo - column of leaves scarf

i can’t figure out how to re-size the pics very well, but here is my first attempt at a lace pattern. it was made with mountain colors 4/8 (1.5 skeins). it was also my first try at blocking - wow was that hard.

i think it turned out pretty good. i made it for my best friend for xmas and she loved it. she shows it to everybody she meets. i guess i know who i’m knitting more stuff for in the future.

let me know what you all think - since this is my first time trying lace.:muah:

Lovely!! Congrats!!

It’s beautiful! I love the color.:thumbsup:

That is beautiful. Love the color.

It’s beautiful!

Very, very pretty!! You are a very nice friend!

no - she is the one who is a very special person. i am very lucky

Beautiful, beautiful!! Green, got to love it.

very pretty! i love the colors

It really is a beautiful piece, congratulations to you and your friend!

OMGoodness … I think this may be one of the prettiest patterns I’ve seen!! I just went to Brooke’s site and looked at all the pics and saved the pattern. I’m working on an Orca Tails scarf now, but this will definitely be my next scarf pattern I try! Yours turned out beautiful!!! Great job on the lace!

Lovely work :slight_smile:

Wow, that is a gorgeous scarf! You chose the perfect yarn for it – I made mine with the Twizzle in the same colorway, and I think the 4/8 would have been better. It’s a great project for learning lace work, and your’s is just perfect!

Incredible colour - it’s so beautiful, and really complements the design :slight_smile: Yay!

:inlove: very pretty!!

It looks great! My first try at lace was also the Column of Leaves scarf and was also gifted!

:teehee: , after reading Wanda’s post about looking at the pics on Brooke’s site, I couldn’t rememeber if I sent in a picture so I figured I’d look. I was a little suprised to see my goofy little youtube video on there. At least it’s getting good use! :oops:

Wow, that’s really pretty! Awesome job!

Hey [B]luvknitting2[/B], your scarf is beautiful! I’m Brooke, who created the pattern, and I was hoping you could send me your photos in a larger size so I could post them on my web site in the Scarf Gallery! My e-mail address is brookeln (at) And for anyone who is looking for the pattern, it’s here: Brooke’s Column of Leaves Scarf. And here is the matching hat pattern.

AND here is the collection of photos of other knitters’ Column of Leaves scarves on Flickr. Enjoy!

When I opened the thread I actually said, “Oooh! Wow! That’s beautiful!” outloud, if that tells ya anything. That scarf is gorgeous! And Brooke, thanks for the pattern links. :muah:

Looks beautiful…very good work!

I love the colorway too…green’s my favorite color! :yay: