FO: Colonial sweater and hat

This is for my oldest grandson for Christmas, who is seven. I am so glad this is finished. I didn’t like the way the pattern had the seaming and arms inset. It was kind of a nightmare, but I think it looks ok. I hope he likes it. The sleeves are even, I had the hanger cockeyed so one looks longer than the other and I had already put the sweater and hat in vinegar water to set the colors so this is the best I can do.

Cute! Good, strong color for a boy and I love the brim on that hat. :slight_smile:

Re the vinegar and water. Do you do this for everything you knit, for dark colors only, or does it depend on the material of the yarn? How much vinegar to how much water and soak for how long? Hate to be so ignorant, but I’ve nefer heard of this before, and it seems like a super idea.

I only do it for clothing or knitting where there is a chance it could run, like the navy run into the white so the white becomes light blue or maybe something that is white and has red trim, etc. I fill up one side of my sink with cold water then use about 1-2 cups of white vinegar in the water. Immerse the clothing you want to set, checking every few minutes and pushing them back into the water if some of the fabric has popped up. I leave mine in for a good hour to hour and a half just to make sure then wash in cold water. I have never had it not work! From what I understand you can use salt too, but I prefer the vinegar because I know it works. I only do this for knitting projects that are washable so I don’t know about the other.

Very nice sweater and hat for a boy. I hope he likes it too.

It looks awesome! Kids will never notice any little mistakes that you might notice. :wink:

Go with a top down seamless next time. :wink:

How cute! They are going to look wonderful on your grandson!

Beautiful sweater and hat!

I have made the top down type and don’t particularly like them as I am not all that great with the way my casting on the sleeves look. I really like to seam and am really good at it, but with this sweater they had the seaming all done before they put the neck in or the sleeves. I ended up having to use circs to put the neck in and it took me a lot longer to put in the sleeves this way too.

Beautiful work! I can’t see anything wrong with the sleeves, and I agree with you – I don’t mind seaming, either.

Wow! The sweater and hat look handsome together!
Great work!

:cheering: Wow, great job!! I am sure your DGS will love it!! The colors are great for a boy and you did a beautiful job. Btw, thanks for the vinegar-water-color-setting-tip (LOL). I am going to try this on some cotton dishcloths I recently made!

You are welcome! It has never not worked for me and worked beautifully with the sweater and hat. Sure saves ruining something special this way.