FO: clown gloves

I recently finished these, which are my first pair of gloves. Most purchased gloves are too big for me; I made each finger fit my exact finger length. (Haven’t posted a photo before in these forums, so I hope I get it right.) :aww:

P.S. I just read the guidelines for posting and realized I should have included info about the pattern. It’s call Adult Sized Gloves.

They’re just beautiful! The yarn colors are lovely and cheery for winter. What yarn did you use? That is the wonderful thing about handknits, you can make them exactly the size you want. Very nicely done.

Those are wonderful - I bet they go good with white snow :wink: Very colourful.

Personally, I might go for the name rainbow-gloves instead of clown-gloves though :stuck_out_tongue:

They look great! You did a great job

I used a chunky yarn I’ve never used before: Loops & Threads Kaleidoscope. The name of this colorway is Carnival.

Actually, I considered calling them rainbow gloves, but the colors aren’t in the same order as the colors of the rainbow. And the asymmetry of colors on the fingers made me think of clowns. Anyway, they sure were fun to knit up, precisely because the arrangement of colors was a suprise with each finger I knit.

I love bright, cheerful things on cold, gray (or bright white) winter days. Those will certainly be welcome this winter. Great gloves and I love the colors and the way they worked out. Your hands will thank you.

I usually wear mittens, but when I walk my dogs, it’s hard to clean up after them while wearing mittens, so I have to take a mitten off. Gloves will make things easier, and I’m really happy with how they came out. I showed them to a friend last night, and he said they remind him of the Muppets.

Have you tried convertible mittens?

This method works well. When she gets those huge scissors in there it makes me cringe but I just picked out my provisional stitches like I normally would.

I love them! and if you lose one…you can knit another and still match!!! Yarn is gorgeous!

I don’t want my fingers exposed at all, because I have Reynaud’s disease. So convertables won’t help.

I watched the video, but to be honest, that seems like more work than necessary. I’d probably just put the lower set of palm sts on a spare needle, then provisionally CO the upper set of palm sts.

These are my favorite convertible gloves.

If you don’t want fingers exposed gloves are a good idea.

Now these are gloves to love! Great job!!!

Thanks! I don’t know why I put off making gloves for so long. I see more gloves in my future, but perhaps some tamer-looking ones.

Very good job! Your finger personalization is awesome. Fun yarn. :thumbsup: