FO: Clogs with Heel above the ankle

Modified Fiber Trends clog pattern

Those look nice and toasty. Way to go!!!:yay: :yay: :yay:

Had me confused there…I couldn’t figure out how the heel could be above the ankle. I see it’s a higher ankle and it looks fabulous! I have the pattern, but haven’t made it yet. I think I’ll give this a try because my ankles get cold!

:rofl: Talk about mis-worded LOL

We know what you meant :slight_smile:

Great idea, knitting a higher ankle for those of us with cold feet and legs.

Love these! My clogs are getting a little thin on the bottom. Time to make another pair. I think I’ll try these. Thanks for the picture…those look really warm!

They look very warm. Great idea on the modification.

LOVE them!!! Will have to look for this pattern!

Ooh - they look so cozy! I like the color combo too :slight_smile:

Oh wow! I just LOVE LOVE LOVE these! Great work! :thumbsup:

Love those clog/booties!

Oh I love the clogs with the high ankle - did you make up that modification yourself? I love it!

thank you. yes I did the mod myself

I made a pair of these for all the kids on my list last year for christmas and i make a pair for myself when i need some house shoes. I am due for a pair now. Im going to try these too.
Thanks!! Great Job!!:thumbsup: