FO: Cleo Clutch

I just finished the Cleo Clutch from Spun.

Here it is, before:

and after


more details on my blog.


Very cute! I haven’t seen that pattern before. Must have one! :wink:

:cheering: That’s so very pretty! I’ve been thinking about felting something with cables myself.

Very pretty! I’ve never seen felted cables before! They look great! :thumbsup:

wow that is relly cute… i am surprised you can see the cables so well!!!

Gorgeous… before and after. And I’m another one that’s fascinated by the felted cables. I’ve thought about trying them myself but was unsure what the result would be… now I know I can try it!! :thumbsup:

That turned out great! The felted version reminds me of carved stone, looks so soft!

I :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: it!!! You do beautiful work.

Wonderful job - the cables felted so nicely!

:smiley: Absolutely GORGEOUS…I must have one :smiley:

I love love love it !!! :heart: :heart: :heart:

What an awsome thing to make !!!

Ooh thats pretty! want one want one want one! :XX:

Thay’s very pretty! I love the way the cables look felted – very cool!