FO: CLASICA COAT for Artlady

You don’t even wanna know how late I stayed up, seaming and finishing this Clasica! And jiggering around with the button placements, reinforcements, and button loops. Oy!

Anyway, here she is. Will model later, after I’ve had a major overhaul! Maybe later. I’m sittin’ here in hot rollers now. Still no makeup for this road weary face!

For more notes and details, please look into MY CLASICAfolder on Ravelry, and our CLASICA KAL as well. Tons of info!
Hosted by yours truly, and Knitwitmom!

PATTERN: INTERWEAVE KNITS, FALL 2009 Clasica Coat by D. Newton

Here is the true color:

SO VOGUE! I like this pattern and the yarn too. Your work is always excellent! What size did you make it? Congratulations.

I have several skeins of a merino & alpaca blend that works up to 4 stitches per inch. I wonder if this pattern would be a good one to use.

I made the 50". This coat needs LOTS of positive ease. I’ve seen a few that were just 3" ease…and the buttonloops strain and pull at the coat!

Yes, I think your yarn will work very nicely! A swatch is the true test!

This is me, on NO SLEEP!

Holy crap woman! You are amazing! That’s a beautiful coat and just in time for winter!

Absolutely gorgeous! I LOVE the color. It looks fabulous on you – just perfect.

You are the type of knitter I only dream of being - all those big projects, and your clothing items always seem to fit perfectly!

Love the color, looks great on you, and so well done!

What a beautiful coat!!! Love the color, stitch pattern, everything!! Oh and guess what? I think you ordered the same buttons (except mine may be a bit lighter) I ordered for my 3 way wrap! Love those buttons! :slight_smile:

ps - wish I looked that great on no sleep! LOL

A work of art for sure! And it looks great on you too! :inlove:

I love that and the yarn is soooo pretty!!!

Your coat looks beautiful. That is a lovely color, and goes great with your hair coloring.

Absolutely gorgeous! You’ve done a great job as usual and it looks lovely on you! Great color too!:notworthy:

WOW that looks cozy! Absolutely beautiful!! The coat and you in the coat!
Well done!
:thumbsup: :cheering: :woohoo: :thumbsup:

Great job!!

Whoah, lady!!! That’s some knitting there! Gorgeous and precise as ever :thumbsup:

Amazing! Another work of art, and I’m sitting here :mrgreen:

Love the coat, love you, but I’m so envious at your talent and perserverence.

BTW, we’re the same size, and that coat looks a bit long on you . . .

You’re 5 feet tall, too? Yes, I am glad that it’s longer on me.
That’s why I made no length changes on the body pieces.
I did bind off at the required 19" at the armpits, and worked the raglan area ‘as per pattern’ (no changes)…and my pieces matched up with the schematics…so I guess it’s just cuz I’m 5 feet tall…and the model is prolly 5’9" or more! :wink:

No, I’m 6’1. But that’s OK, pair of long mittens or something and it would be perfect. :happydance:

What I meant is that we need the same size[I] around[/I].

Like I’ve told you before, I strive to be as good as you are, one of these days.

Just one word…its mindblowing

You used 13 100 grams skeins @ $7.99 each? It is a very lovely coat. Although KP’s yarns are great quality and priced better than most, the sum total is my biggest draw back. I’d love a knitted coat, but I can’t afford the price.

Your talent and speed are admirable. I’m waiting to see the other coat you are working on is it almost finished?