FO - Clapotis

this is my finished Clapotis - i made it using Lorna’s Laces Lion & Lamb in the colorway Black Purl

That looks great Jelly. Good job. The colors are so pretty.



I am worried that Im going to regret making mine with a solid color. :frowning:

Ohh, that’s gorgeous! I LOVE the color!

kelly, if you haven’t started it yet, i would seriously rethink it - only because this thing took me 2 solid weeks to make and if i had to look at a solid color for that long, i might hurt somebody

but that’s just me

:inlove: oooooh! gorgeous!!! congrats, jelly!!! :cheering:

STUNNING!!! That is GORGEOUS!! :cheering: :happydance: :cheering: :happydance: Did you enjoy making it?! I had fun making mine :smiley: !

:heart: :heart: It is really beautiful!!! :thumbsup:

rebecca, this is probably the most fun pattern i have ever done

that thrill of dropping stitches just tickles me

i am planning on making a second one - using ArtYarns supermerino - color 108 (pinks and purples)

as you can see in that pic, my house is purple, the clapotis is purple and my next one will be purple - sensing a theme here?

I had so much fun knitting mine, I want to do a scarf, i think, for spring maybe. That 1st dropped st was scary…then LOTS OF FUN :happydance:

omg, thats BEAUTIFUL!!! :inlove: i want to make one now!!!

Wonderful job!! :cheering:

Nice work :heart:

:cheering: so pretty!!! Great job!! :thumbsup:

Very nice! I love purple too. :inlove:

Your choice of yarn worked great for this pattern. It turned out beautifully!