FO: Clapotis


[CENTER]Clapotisby Kate Gilbert, from Knitty Fall 2004
[I]Auracania Atacama Alpaca, Color #506[/I]
[I]110yds per 50g skein, used all of 9 skeins[/I]
[I]Needles - KnitPicks Options, Size 7 (4.5mm)[/I]
[I]Increased width by doing 5 additional repeats of the increase section[/I][/CENTER]



[LEFT][I][SIZE=3]More photos and details on [/SIZE][/I][B][I][SIZE=3]my blog[/SIZE][/I][/B][I][SIZE=3]. Thanks for looking ![/SIZE][/I][/LEFT]

That looks amazing

Beautiful work:)


That’s gorgeous!

looks wonderful on you!

Beautiful, Marce!

It’s absolutely beautiful!

It’s so pretty! :cheering:

That is seriously breathtaking!! :thud:


It’s fabulous!

Thanks everyone!
This is another one of those knits that reminded me how patience can pay off. I’m pretty sure I actually [I]thought[/I] about making it for longer that it took me to actually make it. I’m glad it came out just the way I imagined.

I appreciate the knit love! :heart: