FO: City Tweed LOG CABIN Blanket

Oh sorry, I forgot to answer someone’s question about HOW I work the Log Cabin logs…she asked do I leave LIVE STITCHES after each log is complete?

No, I work the Log Cabin logs[B] exactly [/B]as the Mason-Dixon chicks say. When a log has the right number of ridges…and with Right Side facing, I bind off the stitches…and at the end of the log…I turn the corner to the left…and pick up brand new stitches for the next log.

It’s just too easy to pick up stitches…and then when you are done with a log…you are DONE…no live stitches hanging around on cables with caps, or waste yarn. It’s like a good clean divorce. No baggage! :teehee: No loose ends.

So gorgeous! I’m glad you persevered through it so I could see the great photos ;o)

:inlove: :inlove: :inlove:

Beautiful blanket and beautiful work! Love the closeups that show the “tweediness” of the yarn.


That is beautiful. I love the colours.

So beautiful! Thanks for the closeups - I wanted to know how many ridges you did and was able to count them! Love it!

I posted good notes in my Ravelry Log Cabin Notebook.
I’m glad I posted the closeups! Hope they help you!

Very nice! How much does it weigh?It looks like it would be heavy, but warm.

Well, each ball of yarn weighs 3.53 ounces.
I used 24.19 balls…so that would total 85.39 ounces…
which is [B]5.34 lbs!

[/B]How does that compare with other blankets? Like quilts and such?

love it did you get bored…?:x:

BORED is an understatement!
I was [SIZE=7]BORED![/SIZE]:passedout:

Motivated, but bored…and I’d never do it again. Ever.
I wish I had used a larger needle, to cover more ground more quickly!

That is beautiful–like all of your work! I wish I lived near you. I would then beg/pay you to teach me to be as good as you. :muah:

I so agree with Hallegold, above. I wish I lived near you, so I could come knit with you, be inspired by your persistence in the face of boredom, in conquering even the most difficult of patterns. What is your secret to that? btw: are you a Taurus? (= bull, stubborn)

Gorgeous! The edges and corners are so straight and crisp - is that a result of your good knitting, or good blocking, or both?

I finished a baby blanket recently, but I’m not happy with the side edges. I haven’t tried blocking yet because I want to get the straight wires to see if they do a better job.

Thanks McKnitty! No, I didn’t block the log cabin blanket.
I just bound off the edges normally. I think the yarn I used
performs especially well with garter stitch!

It’s a beaut, ArtLady! Love the colors!!