FO: City Tweed LOG CABIN Blanket

Well, D-O-N-E! Phew! Will never do that again! But, wait! Isn’t that also what I said after I delivered baby 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5? :teehee:

Anyways, 24 skeins and 3,992 yards later…I am finally done with this LOG CABIN blanket!

The blanket started with a “TOAD” rectangle, then the “logs” commenced with “SNOWSHOE”…then “COTTONTAIL…then"TABBY”…and then back to “TOAD”, etc.

[B]Here is the yardage of each color: [/B][COLOR=DarkGreen] [COLOR=Black][B]
TOAD: 774 yds
[/B][/COLOR][/COLOR][COLOR=Black][B]SNOWSHOE: 888 yds
COTTONTAIL: 1,081 yds
TABBY: 1,249 yds[/B][/COLOR]

[B]Size 8 needle[/B] created a nice thick cushy blanket. A Rav knitter that inspired me used a US11. I’m sure his blanket went much more quickly than mine did!

This is my WILDERNESS blanket, to be used to-and-fro from the MOUNTAINS…and in the mountains as well!

[B]63"w X 71"h [/B]

Lovely Lovely job!! Can I be your house guest and sleep under that nice blanket??
Did you bind off and pick up stitches or did you hold live stitches??
Great info on the yardage.

5 kids!! Much harder than knitting.

It looks gigantic! And it’s really beautiful!

Well worth the effort. I love it. :muah: What a project. After baby #5 did you did quit though. So you could churn out a few more of these.

After baby #5…I actually became pregnant with #6…but alas…it wasn’t meant to be. That little one died before birth. No more since then. None of our children have more than 3. Most just have 2. That is a nice family size!

It’s 63" wide by 71" long. So…good “nap” size! :teehee: I’m 60" tall…so it will cover me good. No cold tootsies!

It’s wonderful! Beautiful colors, and just right for a wilderness setting.

It’s wonderful and so crisp with its perfect corners and …wonder if this wouldn’t be a great tablecovering pattern or space rug as well…Great job! :yay:

That is just beautiful, but OH LORDY what alot of KNITTING!!!

That is spectacular!!! And a whole lot of knitting! :knitting:

That is really beautiful! And a perfect size too! Love the colors and the pattern but I can tell it really was a lot of work. Nice job as usual!

That is just beautiful, but OH LORDY what alot of KNITTING!!!

Ginny is right! Love the color combinations, very woodsy.

What a lovely blanket!

I’m curious…how long did it take you to complete?

Another gorgeous log cabin!! Love the beautiful colors. You will love snuggling up to this!

Beautiful blanket! :muah:

It’s gorgeous!!

Well worth all the work - it is awesome! You have such a terrific eye for color :slight_smile: I would love to have that…but I know it would take me 5 years to complete!

I just keep looking at the pic and shaking my head in amazement! Lovely color combo, absolutely gorgeous!

Beautiful!! :yay:

It looks amazing!!! Great work :thumbsup: