FO - Circumnavigated Cardigan UPDATE w/'me' photos

Finished my first cardigan! :cheering: All I need to do is put on a button. When I get that done I’ll take photos with it on me. I did an i-cord bind off and put an i-cord button hole. It’s kind of hidden which is cool. It may get stretched a bit after buttoning though.

Circumnavigated Cardigan
James C Brett Marble Chunky - color 05 seashell

It can be made to any size, any gauge pretty much.

Pocket and I-cord bind off

Saddles and shawl collar

That’s gorgeous!!

I should add here…it’s completely seamless! :thumbsup:

That is really lovely! :inlove: I should add here that I’m particularly enamored with things that involve no seaming.:happydance:


Really Beautiful. Looks more like you have done dozens of these instead of your first. :woot:

Gorgeous Jan. I’d love to try something like that for myself one fine day, when I am allowed to knit heavy things again. Will you share the pattern?

It’s actually a really easy sweater and it kept my interest the whole time for the most part. I linked to the pattern in the first post. :thumbsup:

Yes I know and I went to the link, but it is only offered for sale inside the States and in California. That means they won’t mail it to Canada, darn their pickled little hides!

I’m sure you can. It says to email her for details outside the US.

OK, thanks! I love yours. Very pretty colours.

Great Cardigan, Jan!!! I really love the yarn colorway and the inset pockets are very impressive!!! Your detail is perfect. :yay: :yay:

Very nice, the colors are so pretty!

OOOH!! Your cardigan is just WooooooW! Love this mixed colors and the model. Would like to see this on you)

I will have pictures taken tomorrow in the light so check back. :thumbsup:

It’s beautiful Jan!!! Great job!!! Love the colorway too. You’ll be able to wear this with so many things!

Way to go, Jan! It looks fabulous :thumbsup:

Gorgeous!!! I can’t wait to see you model it :yay:

Wow! What a perfect fit! Looks even better on, if that is possible!


Beautiful!! I love that yarn, and it looks great on you. Nice work.

Very nice. Love the colors. You’ve picqued my interest in what an I-cord bind off is. I’ll have to do some research!