FO: Circular Afghan

Finally got it blocked! Made with leftovers of acrylic and cotton blends. This one’s for MEEEEEEEEEE!!! A nice 60" X 60" for the livingroom.

That looks wonderful!! And what a great way to use up yarn leftovers. 60x60 is such a great size too. Way to go!! :yay:

That looks wonderful. What a great way to use up leftover yarn. I have never tried to make anything circular like that.

That is just beautiful and great colors.

That is lovely! Is the border a knit stitch or crochet?

very beautiful
well done
is this the pinwheel blanket

Fairly easy… Started with dpns, doubled the sts for 3-4 rounds, place markers at intervals divided by six, then inc @ 2 sts before and after each marker every third round, switched to smaller circulars, then move up to longer ones as needed. I did about 9 rounds of each color or whenever the leftover ran out, increasing at rounds 2, 5 and 8. Clear as mud, huh? LOL!

It’s a knit stitch taken from this lovely piece:

My final stitch count was 528.


No, the pinwheel blanket actually increase at 10st intervals. Similar principle though. The pinwheel uses YOs to increase, I used Kfb to increase.

Any form of increase is acceptable. It can be done with any count for increases as long as your markers are placed evenly throughout. The increases must be balanced with knit rounds. On 6 sts. it’s every 3rd round. On 8 sts, it’s every 4th round. Not sure on the 10 st, you’d need to check the pattern.

If you’ll notice, this one is hexagonal. The higher the st inc count, the rounder it will be when completed.

I’m working on a rug that will be felted, that is oval.

Very pretty!

I’ve been wanting to knit a throw.

Great work! :yay:

That turned out really pretty…great job!!! :muah:

I love this rug, someday I will make a rug too.

This is the afghan but it would be a nice rug made from heavier or triple stranded yarn! Great idea:thumbsup: …gotta save those leftovers.

Oh gosh! That is beautiful!!! Wow!!!

What a neat looking original afghan! Pretty!

My final stitch count was 528

Good heavens! How did you manage all of those stitches?

However, you do good work, it’s beautiful!

GREAT way to use left overs and so pretty.

Very pretty!! I love the colors…:thumbsup: