FO: Cinnie Cardigan for Lauralee!

I gave Lauralee her new cropped cardigan! I was soooooo happy…it fits her to perfection! Just the way it’s supposed to. About 0 positive ease. She’ll wear it this summer with her little sundresses for special events we attend as families with our church.

And for church on Sunday. Everything is air-conditioned, and some sort of shawl or cardigan is necessary if you dress for summer, like sundresses, sleeveless tops, etc.

I blocked the body first (full soak method)…then added the ribbing…then blocked the ribbing (spritz method). This is how I shaped the back of the neck because I didn’t want it to go wonky or creased. This method works really well.

This is the body, before blocking…a crumpled mess! :wink:

My Ravelry notes. The pattern for it is here.

You’re right: This fits perfectly–lucky lucky Lauralee!! I love cardigans and shrugs, and this one is just lovely. Thanks for sharing your blocking ideas–sounds like some of the weird things I do to make things look right. But hey, it works!


Perfect! This is just the way you hope that handmade sweaters will turn out. The care in finishing and blocking is critical to that very polished look. Thanks for the behind the scene look.

It is gorgeous and looks gorgeous on her!

Beautiful, fits like a dream, AND I love the idea of shaping with the rolled-up towel. I’ve sewn for years, have all sort of shaping equipment, but never even thought of using same for blocking purposes. Thanks for the idea. :thumbsup:

That’s beautiful, Dollyce! :inlove:

It’s lovely! I wish I was her!!!

That’s really cute, I’d make one for my grand daughter if she wasn’t growing so darn fast!

I knit the size 36 for my daughter which gives her 0 positive ease, but it’s still comfy, not tight nor restrictive.

If you knit your daughter the size which would give her 1-2" positive ease,.she could wear it for a long time I’m betting.

This little cardi would look good with 1-2" positive ease just as much as Lauralee’s with none.

Perfect and beautiful!

Beautiful work as always! Can I be you when I grow up?? :knitting:

Certainly! You’re so sweet!

FYI: I’ve always strived for perfection, albeit fell far short! My knitting improved exponentially after joining Knitting Help, and later, Ravelry!

I’m okay with my knitting for the most part, but there is soooo much talent I see here and at Ravelry, and so many knits that I can’t do, or just don’t wanna do but still admire very much!

My motto: keep on keepin’ on, and enjoy the journey!

You are the blocking queen! Something like this always needs a lot of it to look good. Turned out great and looks so nice on Lauralee.

Adopt me.



Love this project! What a sweet mama you are!!

Great job!:cheering:

I love it! You always find the most wonderful patterns, and knit them up beautifully, too!