FO: Cigar Gloves

I made some Cigar gloves for my dad for father’s day. He doesn’t smoke cigars, but he does smoke ciggarettes, so I figured these would be useful.

Yarn: Plymouth Encore Worsted Colorway 7827.

I kept testing them on the guys at work. :lol: I walked up to Doug yesterday and was all “Do you have big hands?” Hope he doesn’t think I’m a pervert. :wink:

I’m using the same yarn to make him a hat and a 2x2 ribbed scarf.

I just hope the gloves fit!

(The actual color is pretty much a blend of the two shown. Brighter than the first, but duller than the second.)

Oh, and a guy from work gave me a big bag full of yarn. Most of it’s really cheap acrylic stuff and I’ll probably send some of it to George so she can have some to practice on while she’s still learning. (I taught her when I saw her 2 weeks ago.) But still…free yarn=yay! :happydance:

Those look great! :thumbsup:

omg i TOTALLY have to knit a pair of those!!! My pinkies and ring fingers are ALWAYS cold… even when the rest of me is so hot I have to turn on the AC. those are awesome, thank you!!

OH!! They are just the type of gloves my grandson wants–only ALL the fingers to be cut down!! And hey–ALL FREE YARN IS GOOD YARN!! :smiley:

Those are VERY COOL :sunglasses:

Great job - I’m sure he’ll love them!

No problem. They’re super easy to make too. :slight_smile:
That’s how all my fingertips are. My hands and palms are usually all clammy, but my fingertips are ice cold.

I’m still working on my “finger only” gloves. :rofling:

Thanks to everyone for the compliments. :heart:

Great job! Those look awesome. :smiley:

Very kewl! 8)

Cute!!! Did you use 2 circs like the pattern?? My dad and his best friend are big cigar smokers :thinking:

Yep, 2 circs. Makes it soooo easy! :cheering:

Those are great, love the colors!